Thursday, February 7, 2013

Untold IX

Mikhail Gorbachev ends the Cold War. US Capital chooses one of its Wasp waterboys to succeed Reagan; and as the waterboy's sucessor Capital uncovers a rock in Arkansas, something crawls out which ends the welfare state; massively expands the "war on drugs," the US prison population, and the application of death sentences; privatizes much state enterprise; kills 100,000s of Iraqis via US sanctions; destroys the last socialist republic in Europe, Yugoslavia; moves NATO to the borders of Russia; builds oil pipelines throughout Central Asia; allows the American defense budget to explode in a war-less world; decapitates most domestic financial regulation while enforcing NAFTA and GATT -- as the money power engorges the planet. Leading to all-out cracker fascism.

The penultimate episode of Stone's "Untold History."