Friday, May 11, 2012

Man of Freedom

Obama-ites at my workplace were jumping with glee yesterday at their hero's embrace of two men kissing in public. Gotta hand it to the Hustler. Sure knows his audience.

As I've posted before, I worked hard for Senator Barack Obama throughout '07 and '08, contributing financially to the campaign several times. This November, I'll be voting for Mitt ("Atta Girl!") Romney for two reasons: 1) To stick it to the greatest ideological traitor in U.S. political history and 2) Much better to have a dunce as the face of world-wide mass murder and domestic corporate tyranny than the face of a chocolate Elmer Gantry. When I tell people this, some responses I get include "I'll think he'll walk the walk in his second term" (yeah, he'll walk what's left of our society right off the plank) or "it's not in my DNA to vote Repub" or "Obama is greener than Romney" or the clear favorite: Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court!

(Regarding the SC, the five fingers of the Corporatist Judicial Fist aren't going anywhere for decades, barring an act of God. And if we do get lucky, look at the two Identity Politics zeros Obama's already appointed, and this with a Democratic Senate, something he certainly will not have after November.)

I think many have fallen into the "my guy is cooler than your guy" hole. (Last night we saw a mini-perfect storm: on one side of the frame we had Barry O. -- the least cool guy in the world -- hangin' with Clooney and his posse; on the other, Letterman's Top 10 List, all about NitMitt's hair.) One decent thing Obama has done is expose what the anti-Bush urban libs were truly about: Bush offended their MetroSexual IDs. That's it. Psychopathic narcissists are not Leftists. In fact, as we saw with scum such as Elia Kazan, they're the first types to sell you out when trouble a-comes. And that's what they've done these past four years -- sold out on what is truly sympathetic or empathic toward others, toward other countries, other cultures, other faiths, toward parts of our own history. The types who line up to watch the Oscar-winning Separation from Iran (a great film) but who will then cheer on airstrikes against Tehran.

Scum. Worse than TeaBaggers or crackers who are just not aware. Obama's real function was to make this wad feel okay about its Cranial Rectal Embedment and its own moral depravity. What an achievement.

And now let me defend George W. Bush.

In a way. I think it would be easy to argue GWB's second term as much less illiberal than Obama's first. From 2005 - 2007, Bush had pretty much free reign: a re-election and no more reason to fear the voters, a Republican House and Senate and Judiciary. Yet he immediately began to draw down in Iraq (much faster than did Mr. Nobel Peace Prize ), set up the Baker Commission as cover to do that, threw out the "privatize Social Security" red meat to FreeMarketeers then quickly forgot about it, stuck Dick Cheney back into his stinking rat-hole for the entire second term, proposed nothing of an economically fascist nature, did pass the Prescription Drug Plan (a much more progressive act than is ObamaCare), and pretty much made fun of himself and all U.S. power whenever he was in public (intentionally or not). It was as if he were saying: "Yeah, folks, I'm your POTUS and this is what you're all really like. You and this country."

What a radical! But then pwogs rarely have a sense of humor.

So Obama is for Freedom to Cross Dress. Good for him. Now how 'bout freedom to whistle-blow, freedom to get a good education for your children without going bankrupt, freedom from being assassinated by your own government for having wrong opinions, freedom to care for one's own health, freedom to work hard and not fear termination at a moment's notice, freedom to support and vote for a Third Party candidate without wasting one's time, freedom to cross bridges and highways that don't collapse, freedom from vampires sucking all the blood from our past, present and future.

And the freedom to elect a real man as President.