Friday, September 30, 2011

The Killer

Nice how our greasy pole climber, teaching us each day the humanity of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, at last found his Presidential niche. Two years ago, the Facebook psychopath (and his minions) arrogated unto Himself (and themselves) the right to kill anyone on the planet, anywhere, any place, at any time -- including (especially) U.S. citizens. (And to think Nixon was to be impeached for ordering the break-in at Dan Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office.) No indictment, no trial, no charges, no sentence, no judge, jury or evidence. Since the huckster has otherwise proven to be a WH political incompetent not seen since the days of Warren G. Harding, it does warm the cockles to see him excel at something: remote control extermination -- ending the life of another human being with the ease of sending a Twitter tweet.

Since it's now clear that Barack Obama's sole mission was to take the guilt monkey off the backs of a generation or two of cocksucking corporate vampires -- homo Reaganus -- how appropriate he's become the public apostle of breaking the link between human extermination and human consequence -- a daily supersaturation of amorality that fails any longer to outrage or even interest. This killer is an intergalactic bore.

In another must read, Chris Floyd indicts Obama's latest Designer Murder.