Tuesday, March 1, 2016


That fuzzy man over there in the corner, gazing away from his iPhone 6: Is it Lee Harvey Oswald?

That question has been the raging controversy within the JFK research community since the 50th anniversary of Dallas. Called "Prayer Man" because he seems to have his hands together as if in prayer, what we are looking at are the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository building 15 to 20 seconds after the fatal head shot(s). If that is LHO on the TSBD entrance, then obviously he is not six floors up firing bullets into Kennedy.

On this, I've done a 180. First I thought: no way. Prayer Man is just too stocky, too short, and too balding to be Oswald. Now I'm sure it is Oswald. Watch this movie by Australian researcher Bart Kamp and I think you'll be convinced as well.

(WARNING: very arcane, inside-baseball stuff regarding the assassination.)

For those wanting more, here's a brilliant two hours between Mr. Kamp and brother Rob Clark.