Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ding! Dong! -- The Witch Burner is Dead!

And now burning furiously over an open fire. Only in post-Reaganoid America could a mental pimpledick such as Antonin Scalia be hallowed as some sort of giant legal brain, rather than the gutter hooker for all things savage, venal, shuttered, and mediocre that he was. To call him a fascist is a compliment. He was nothing but a be-robed hitman for those turning the earth into a cesspool dominated by fixers, liars, conspirators, tweed-covered garbage, militarists, baby-killers, sanctions-supporters, media scum, sex-haters, oil junkies, gangsters, intelligence agents, drug executioners and political whores. Let Nancy Reagan be next.

Tom Carter with a very fine essay.