Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Mensch and the Murderer

Through its first six Crackle seasons, Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee has been an oasis in our current comedy desert of sour knowing nihilistic vomit, with Adolf MacFarlane being, of course, our reigning Vomit F├╝hrer; and funny -- actually, not so funny -- how the vomit factory never seems to touch where or what the United States Fourth Reich is and is fast becoming, beyond the gutsy jokes about Donald Trump's hair. CICDC is warm, cheerful, good-hearted and self-deprecatory ~ as we would expect from the comedian who comes closest to defining the word mensch.

(Many other comedy oases can be found, btw, in the 2016 cartoon world: Teen Titans Go!, Adventure Time, Wander Over Yonder, Robot Boy, Gumball, Atomic Betty.)

Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee is also gentle. Maybe too gentle.

Each episode Jerry chooses and drives a car he thinks matches the personality / style of his guest.


Look at the lines on that car: beauty, summer, flash, optimism, grace, masculinity, modesty, wit, sex. No. This is the man who embodies the 1963 Corvette, the man who gave it birth.

Barack Obama is this:

And this:

And this:

Access to the White House must be quite the coup, yet Jerry is in an agonal state throughout, trying to pretend the stiff is actually interesting and funny. It must have put Seinfeld in mind of this, from January of '93.

Obama isn't even that funny. But this guy is, a lot funnier.

This is the real Barack Obama.

Ha, ha.