Wednesday, March 6, 2013


How natural the shit-pimpers in downtown Mannahatta reached their highest numerical point on the day Hugo Chavez left us. He was the greatest and most human leader of our young century, a luminous giant among the pygmy Bush/Obama miasma. Chavez burned with communion, courage, joy, humor, compassion, sorrow, love of the arts, remembrance, true justice and -- perhaps most important of all -- HONESTY; while being the greatest Christian leader of his time: Christian in fact, in deed, in thought -- in passionate opposition to the vampires and their minions who have so degraded that term. He could have used his guts, strategic brilliance and cunning to become just another vampire, pimp, or baboon. Instead he chose to be a protector of those needing protection, blessing us with the grace of his deep sympathy and understanding of the powerless, the weak, the sad.

Those gloating tonight will immediately become mere worm food once dead. In his passing, Hugo Chavez becomes an imperishable Light of the World.

Once more, we turn to Stone. . . .

A beautiful tribute from Andre Vltchek.