Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hitch x 3: "Incident at a Corner"

A brushfire of false accusations ignites when a grandfatherly school crossing-guard is rumored to be "too fond of the little girls." The man responsible for the rumor spreads it in order to protect his own wife from accusations possibly coming from the school guard, concerning the wife's past. A pre-emptive strike, let us say.

The second of three recently posted rare Hitchcock TV episodes at Karagarga, "Incident at a Corner" (1960) stars the young George Peppard -- in the year of Home from the Hill and a year away from Breakfast at Tiffany's -- and Vera Miles in this small town suburban La Ronde. Produced for the anthology series Startime, it was directed one week after the completion of Psycho by Hitchcock, who must have been exhausted.