Friday, January 20, 2012


From the manual:
Once a lively and colorful city populated by its equally colorful and diverse people, the Raydians, Chroma City is suddenly invaded by the INKT Corporation -- a corporate military dictatorship. INKT is led by the villainous Comrade Black and dedicated to the eradication of joy through its "War on Color." Chroma City quickly falls to the invading army of Inkies and color-draining Leechbots, leaving its landscape barren, its flora withered and its fauna in hiding. The citizens are rounded up and turned into Graydians, encased in homogeneous gray prison suits distinguished only by a bar code on the back of each shell. The Graydians are forced to serve as both menial labor and as a living resource of ink, mined literally from their sadness.
Not to fear -- De Blob has arrived!: killing cops, blowing up banks, and firebombing corporate cartels.

And people say children's education is going downhill. . . De Blob!