Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy 50th, Pigfucker

Posted here upon the second anniversary of Barack Obama's swearing-in:
In January 2011, the country is now further to the right than at any time in its history, with a more debased political culture than ever before. More corporatized, with a completely hijacked State. There is more police power, private and public. Less personal and family privacy. Less freedom of movement -- physically, artistically, politically, and especially in terms of work. The connection between what people vote for and what they get is now absolutely delinked. Eisenhower's "military-industrial complex" -- a complex he allowed to be created by turning over national security policy to the Dulles brothers and a complex that would murder his successor -- is now a military-corporate-intelligence state in control of everything. Bush's wars have metastasized -- while staying exactly the same in effect in Iraq -- into a massive expansion in Afghanistan, a massive expansion covertly in Iran, Indonesia, and Columbia (with the heroic populist governments of Central and South America now in Robert Gates's [Leon Panetta's] drone-sights), and new wars in Pakistan and Yemen. Not one perp from the Bush/Cheney crime gang has been gone after. Obama has claimed the right to murder anyone, at anytime, for any reason, anywhere on the planet. There is less control than ever over the gangster state of Israel. The people of Palestine and Gaza are forgotten. As are the poor, desperate, and homeless here in America. NAFTA and GATT have been expanded and hardened rather than reversed. Cap-and-trade was allowed to be hijacked by Goldman Sachs et al. - then killed. The BP/Gulf horror was not used to shift the country away from energy over-development toward conservation. Obama's Justice Department has Godfathered the public crucifixion of whistle blowers and true public servants such as Julian Assange (while setting Assange up for eventual extradition and Gitmo-ing), while also rewriting rules for use of Miranda warnings. There have been FBI raids on the homes and offices of anti-war activists. The criminal enterprise known as the Pharmaceutical/ Insurance/Healthcare "industry" is now more powerful, corrupt, incompetent, and privatized than ever before. The last great industrial union -- Walter Reuther's UAW -- was destroyed by Obama and his henchmen by means which would've made Ronald Reagan blush. Most state and local governments are bankrupt, and abandoned. All public service unions are now on the run in America's new form of McCarthyism. Obama has set us up for the coup de grĂ¢ce: the Neo-Feudal dismantling of all public and egalitarian struggles and accomplishments of the past 150 years. Checkmate.
But who'd a-thunk in the following six months, he would:

Support Mubarak.

Murder thousands of Pakistani and Afghan civilians by the perfect Obamian murder weapon -- a computer-controlled drone strike.

Launch aggressive war against Somalia.

Launch aggressive war against Libya.

Embrace the mob-family dictatorship in Bahrain.

Push for the largest defense increase in world history, while bleating about "austerity" and "shared sacrifice": restrained -- by House Republicans.

Appoint Reichsmarschall David von Petraeus as CIA Director, eliminating the fail-safe wall between civilian intelligence and military action.

Let Bibi Netanyahu publicly cornhole him on the White House lawn. (And when Bibi was done, Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon took over.)

Nationally celebrate the murder of an unarmed old man by dozens of PCP addicts, in the presence of his wife and children.

Nationally celebrate the murder of Moamar Gadafy's son and three grandchildren, in one of hundreds of assassination attempts against Gadafy himself. (Who as of January 2011 was still on the US Good Guy list.)

Stick a shiv in Elizabeth Warren's back ~ instead appointing a male dishrag. (The shiv to Warren being in the classic tradition: Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity Baptist Church, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, David Patterson, ACORN, Van Jones, Charles Bolden, Shirley Sherrod, etc.)

Prevent Holder and the Justice Department from pursuing Murdoch and the NewsCorp scandal.

And wind-up LEADING the corporate totalitarian destruction of what was left of public policy, public social concern, public investigations, public education, magnanimity, forbearance, gentleness, mercy, protection of the weak; and pushing the Republican Party further than it ever hoped to go -- instead of fighting it.

Swept in on a wave of populist energy and hope, this designer Judas has led the most vicious assault on the poor and powerless in US history -- a Judas who clearly views any kind of politics save the politics of corrupt privilege as sentimental rot.     So here's hoping you and your Mutant Elite supporters choke on the black truffle sandwiches and butterfly pasta with squid at one of your many birthday celebrations tonight, you slick and slimy cocksucker.